Pastel & Polka Bites


Mini Polka

Cute Blue Pastel


5 thoughts on “Pastel & Polka Bites

  1. Hi. Have you upgraded your bitesms? I’ve upgraded my bitesms and it has a new feature for QR for whatapps. Due to I already upgraded my bitesms, I can’t set the for color for my bitesms. Before I upgrade the QRtheme.plist still working. But after that it wot work anymore. Can you pls help me and see how to solve this problem?

    Thank you and appreciate yor reply.


    • hi. i didn’t upgrade my bitesms app bec they said that the QR-theme.plist in the old version is not working anymore. i’ll just wait for someone who will fix it then i will share it to you 🙂

  2. Hi! Do you know how I can get my contacts pictures to fit inside that box with the bow? Because their not fitting and I can’t see the bow at all, my contacts pictures take up the whole box. Thanks

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