Hello Jailbreak Buddies!

This is a tutorial on how to install different themes and stuffs for jailbroken phones! 🙂
First, you need to have iFile that can be found on cydia and Winterboard that can also be found on Cydia.
For keyboards, you need to have Color Keyboards (also from Cydia)
and BiteSMS (also from Cydia) for Popup messages.

Color Keyboards:
First you have to unzip/unarchive the file that you have downloaded from different themers.
Then, copy the unzip file and go to mobile/Library/Keyboard/ColorKeyboard/Themes and paste
the file there. Then go to settings and activate the keyboard you want in the Color Keyboard then save.

BiteSMS Themes:
Unzip the file and copy it to var/stash/themes then paste.
Then go to mobile/Library/Caches and erase ALL the bsbg files that you will find there!
Then go to settings, and activate the theme on winterboard then respring.

Unzip the file then copy to var/stash/Themes then paste and activate it in the


15 thoughts on “Hello Jailbreak Buddies!

  1. im so confused ur saying unzip files and copy to this that and the other but there are no clear steps what files are suppose to be unzipped where are we unzipping them from. please give me some clarity because the instructions that were givien are not clear thanks in advanced…

    • I’m very confused too! o_O I dont get it really and how do i copy the file onto my phone..? Please make a tutorial!!! 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi do you know how to change the size of the font because recently I download a font but it seems to be a little bit big for my phone. It’s covering some of my words?

  3. Everytime I download the keyboard and follow every step in from the ifile to the selection of the theme in color keyboard, the keyboard never works. Please help me.

  4. Im just not understanding where you unzip & copy this stuff at. do I have to get on this website on my phone or can I download it on my own computer & somehow transfer it to my phone ?

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