Changing of font colors for BiteSMS

Hello hello hello! Many of you are asking how to change the font colors in bite SMS. It’s easy guys, just download
the QR-theme.plist then copy and paste it in var>stash>applications> and after pasting it, just
open the file and edit. Google the color code you want to have and then, after you have searched for the code color just edit
the codes in the plist like fffff or fff00f and so whatever then save it. That’s it, haha I hope you understand my weak tuitorial :p


15 thoughts on “Changing of font colors for BiteSMS

  1. hello. i tired to change the font colour for the bitesms. all i can change but the typing message colour is yellow. can you help me how to change the yellow text away please. 😦

  2. is it true the qr theme plist dont work anymore with bitesms 6.3 cause mine refuses to work any idea what im doing wrong im a pro at this but i cant figure this one out thanks and love your blog…

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