Pastel Colored BiteSMS Themes

Pastel Blue Stripes

Pastel Pink Stripes

Pastel Colors

Color Pastels

Color Pastel Dots


9 thoughts on “Pastel Colored BiteSMS Themes

  1. Hi babe. Unarchiver the file copy and paste it under deleted all bsbg files under caches.. But themes never appear in winter board. Do advise! Thank!

  2. Hi do i still have to copy the file and paste under or straight copy and paste under themes? or after pasting under also paste another copy under theme? Thank in advance!!

  3. hi there ! I have encountered a prob with this … I dl the theme buy when I try to activate it on bitesms , it tells me that there is an error and this , cannot be selected … really love the themes … hope you can help me ! thanks !

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